Nov 10, 2012

Fashion Fix: Using a Belt to Define your Waist

When I found this leopard print top with leather collar/sleeve detail at F21 I was beyond thrilled. Curly Nikki was coming to Chicago that weekend and I couldn't wait to wear it with a cute pair of shorts. Fast forward to the end of the night and I was annoyed to see how terrible it looked in pictures. My eyes had deceived me and I temporarily forgot the struggles that plague those with big breasts. Sidebar: I actually just got re-fitted last week and went from a 36DDD to a 34G/GG, but I digress...

Women with large breasts take for granted the benefits of using a belt to define the waist, thus making your overall appearance neater and showing you actually have a figure. I'm a size 10/12 and not skinny nor plus size. I think I have decent proportions, but know my huge rack on a 5'2" frame cancels out a lot of fashion choices. I can easily look overwhelmed in tunic tops when my boobs push it out and my short legs get swallowed whole by the fabric. Some tops are too small and make my rack look like a porn star (and I'm not getting paid to look like that lol)... and my 2 best friends are like size 0s, so in order to not look like I've eaten them for lunch in pictures, it's necessary to dress for my body lol.

After having photographic evidence of how unflattering my top looked, I was dead set on redeeming myself. You can see the before and after of how I styled this item at the Curly Nikki event and later corrected it at a birthday party. Of course I hands down prefer the second photo with the belt. I actually was wondering why none of my friends told me at the Curly Nikki event how the top was fitting and photographing o_O

Thank God I can be honest with myself (and depend on my life force twinsie to keep it 100)... so yeah, check out the before and after and you can see the significance it makes. These pics were taken like a week or so apart.

What are your favorite fashion fixes?

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