Nov 9, 2012

How to wear a Satin Bonnet in Public

When I first heard that chicks were rocking black satin bonnets in public I didn't believe it. I mean, it's one thing to rock a scarf outside the house... which can be hit or miss... but a black bonnet? Like the type you sleep in? I mean, hell... nobody even really wants to sleep in them because they're so hideous! But wearing it outside, willingly? Hell no... I was extremely baffled and perplexed. My brain ached.

When I moved back to Chicago last summer and actually witnessed girls roaming the streets with their bonnets on full display, I wasn't sure whether I should laugh, tweet a pic, or stop them and ask why. Well, I've decided to do one better and show everyone the correct way to wear a satin bonnet in public - - covered THEE hell up! lol...

I totally understand that #BlackGirlHairProblems are real in these streets and as a chick with natural hair, there can be tons of prep work involved in getting a style the way you want. If I have something to do that night it's not uncommon for me to twist my hair up and allow it to "set" during the day at work. However, you will not CATCH SIGHT of my satin bonnet. Instead, I opt to wear my satin bonnet underneath a cute, black beanie. This allows for my hair to not get frizzy due to friction from the beanie, but you also don't have to see the satin bonnet because let's be real... it's ugly.

I usually pull my bonnet and beanie back just a tad so you can see the front twists, a small effort to make this look like an actual style... and then the rest is covered up. I've never been clowned for this style and it actually looks kinda cute. I feel artsy and introspective.

For all of the women out there actually wearing satin bonnets in public, please stop... Go to Forever21, H&M or even Target and snag a few beanies. I promise this will be a major fashion save for your life force.

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