Nov 14, 2012

The Best T-Shirt Bra for Large Breasts (via @Wacoal)

I've always struggled with finding an everyday t-shirt bra that wasn't ugly, had a comfortable fit, and ample support. After browsing Macy's I found just that in the Wacoal Seduction Spacer Contour Bra - Style #853255.

I recently got re-sized and my breasts are now a 34G/GG instead of the 36DD/DDD they previously were. Basically I went from hardly finding bras my size, to hardly EVER finding bras my size lol. Oh, the struggles of a chick with a huge rack.

This bra has truly been a light in my life. It's comfortable and free of lacy designs in the front that can show under certain materials. The fit is extremely comfortable and perfect for everyday wear. I've pretty much ditched the dream of having a closet full of cute Victoria Secret bras because they just don't make them in my size. Not to mention, Victoria's Secret doesn't really make quality bras. Yes, they're pretty... but in terms of actual support... not for anyone with a cup size larger than C.

I know that many women are constantly on the hunt for bras that offer support and don't make you feel like a geriatric. Thank you Wacoal for successfully doing this. If you'd like to gift me any of your bras to try out, my 36G/GG boobs are more than happy to oblige!

The bra retails for $60 and can be purchased at Macy's or Wacoal Online.

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