Nov 27, 2012

Unrealistic Beauty Standards (video)

I'm starting to feel that the beauty standards for women nowadays are not only out of control, but disgustingly cookie cutter. A quick scan of many fashion blogs or Instagram will show you that the ideal "beauty" is exotic, long hair, caked up face, small waist, big ass, top notch fashion... and that's just the outside... on top of that she needs to be smart, successful, not a gold digging bitch, have a good family, education, like sports, and not be annoying. She should cook, pop that pussy in the bedroom, and win your mother over with her smile and grace.

** insert crickets here**

Now, having the full package has never been a bad thing... for a man or a woman... but the standards of beauty for many women are just unrealistic. Stick with me for a moment...

I love makeup and hair. It's fun to play with your look and change things up, but I think people are starting to believe their caked up, weaved out look is authentic... Nah, son...

I was at a day party on Saturday and doing a quick scan of the room I thought most chicks brought their A game... but doing that much for a casual party at 2p? lol... No wonder men have it all wrong. The "done up" beauty has become the standard and what many people think is the minimum criteria. Yes, I've heard some men say they like natural beauties with no makeup... but guess what? Those same guys stay falling for the Okey Doke chick in the club "caked up and ready to get chose." How long can you really be with a person that avoids sweating, water activities, or anything that might ruin their makeup or cause their hair to sweat out! Enjoy the facade, but trust and believe that this is NOT how women look at the end of the day.

Maybe this is a PMS driven rant, but I think it's important for women to truly embrace who they are w/out the makeup and hair tricks. Yes, take care of your appearance and be proud... but when you wash your makeup off at night, love who is looking back at you. I feel like we're almost to blame for this shit. Folks think Kim K wakes up looking like that, failing to realize she has a 24/7 Glam Squad.

Sidebar: I prefer Kimmie Cakes without the makeup and high fashion. I think she's a naturally pretty girl that doesn't need the extra pomp and circumstance.

What are your thoughts? Are the female standards for beauty out of control and unrealistic?

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