Nov 29, 2012

Thick Neck THORsday: Chris Hemsworth

Show me a slim dude, and I'll show you a guy just on the brink of his true thick neck potential!

Seriously... bigger is better and you can't go wrong with a thick neck. Just take actor Chris Hemsworth for example.

When preparing to take on the role of "Thor" he upped his workouts and put 220lb on his 6'4" frame. Before he looked like a model. After he looked like a God.

I know many women wouldn't kick the "before" version out of their bed, but I'm living for his neck, traps and biceps in the "after" ... and the scruffy beard!!! Yes... Goodbye Christopher. Hello Mr. Hemsworth!

Disclaimer: Playfulness aside, I've learned that maintaining a thick neck is no joke. It's pretty much a full time job of eating massive amounts of lean protein and working out... and for the regular guy that holds down a job and reasonable social life, it's not a priority. So, while the actors and professional athletes have thickness for days, I know it's because they're financially obligated to lol. I cut regular guys some slack.

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