Dec 3, 2012

'Tis the Season

Remember how I said my neighbors were really annoying? Like super duper next level annoying! The type of annoying people that sing and play instruments at all hours of the night. Well, just in case you thought I was being overly dramatic, exaggerating or just a smug bitch that hates noise... I have proof! lol...

Tis the season to be jolly and that includes belting out negro spirituals at the top of your lungs. I came home on Sunday and low and behold they were holding a choir practice. Of course they were - - because they sing. and play instruments. ALL.THE.FUCKING.TIME. Yes, they don't sound that bad and it was a Sunday, so the gospel music was, timely... but umm... notice how quiet the hallway is and the ONLY thing you hear is them? Yes... that's a problem.

I live downtown. In a condo. On a major street. I'm not anal about noise by any stretch... but I hate obnoxious ass people that are just ape shit about making noise all the time with no regard for others. Like, bitch... you DO have neighbors. You know that, right?

Before your panties are bunched up, know that I didn't file any complaints, stomp around, or knock on her door. I just filmed this video to prove how much sound actually comes out of her apartment and the way it carries through the hallway.

It's the holiday season and I'll count my blessing because I could live next to d-boys or worse - - RAPPERS! Oh, the horror. I'd probably kill myself if rappers lived next door.

Do you have proof of your neighbors making annoying noise?

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