Jun 17, 2011

Twitter Crews & Blogging Boos

Recently Clutch Magazine penned an article about cyber-friendships and questioned whether there was a limit to how much value one should place in them. Being someone that values both my real life friends and "blogging boos", I value the cyber friendships I've established via my blog, YouTube page, and other social media sites.

Somewhere in my perfect world I would love to organize a bloggers vacay with all of the wonderful ladies I've been able to meet online,which I hope doesn't sound strange lol... I mean, if people can meet their future spouses online it seems well within reason to find compatible friendships the same way.

Anyways, my top 3 favorite cyber friends I have yet to meet in person...

1. Bajan Beauty @ Curves and Confidence - The fashionable e-friend. I love her personal style and often resort to her blog for fashion inspiration. We're similar sizes so I feel like I get great ideas of how things would look on me by looking at her... although I think she has more booty than me and I have more boobs... but anyways I love her blog and would love to raid her closet in real life.

2. Alisha @ Because I Said So - The "never short of an opinion" e-friend. Alisha is a talented writer and my go-to blogger for literary fun. Reading her opinions on everything from black women in the media, to music and natural hair, she's very opinionated and I'm sure we could talk for hours about everything.

3. Danyelle @ MsDanti1 - "The Makeup and all things Girly" e-friend. Besides the fact that I'm in love with her eyebrows lol, Danyelle is a beast with the makeup brush and I know she could beat my face to perfection! Aside from the obvious perks of having a friend with makeup skills, she radiates good vibes and honestly, though it sounds corny, she looks like my type of girl! lol... she's super photogenic, seems like fun, and just looking at her I think "Wow, we'd totally be best friends".

Also, I have a few blogging "friends in my head" that I don't interact with but still love their blogs. Those honorable mentions:

1. Gabi @ Young, Fat, and Fabulous
2. Taye @ Stuff She Likes

Who tops your list of blogging boos?


Bajan Beauty said...

OMGosh, I am smiling ear to ear as I type this, okay my cheeks are starting to hurt, lol. I love my cyber relationships, I get to meet so many new and interesting people, which is hard for me outside of the cyber world. I even find myself talking about you guys, to my friends like we are all best buddies!!!! Hopefully, we can all cross each others paths at one point or another.

Anonymous said...

This is so cute!!! Blogger Boos! I love it. So honored to be on the list. I love your hair and no cable posts. I need to cut mine foreal.

Danyelle said...

Awww, I'm a blogging boo! Lol, I think we'd make great friends tooo. And of course, I do makeup for all my friends ^_^ let me know when you come to Florida!

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