Jun 6, 2011

It's all about the brows...

Like most women, I know that a well put together face is all about the brows. My journey to having fab brows has been a rough road, but I'm always game to learn tips and tricks along the way. One of my favorite Tumblr pages, MsDanti, is always blowing me away with her flawless makeup and enviable brows. Recently she started a  YouTube channel, and although she only has 2 videos posted, one shows her everyday makeup look -- featuring her famous brows that I was excited to give a try.

I've always shied away from using concealer on brows, but was well aware of how popular the technique was. I found myself with some time on my hands Saturday night, and before washing my face for bed decided to see if I could work the concealer magic on my brows.

Since it was the wee hours of the night my goal wasn't to create a fully made up face, but I wanted to see what results I could get with a little concealer and my brow pencil. It's safe to say that I was super impressed by how amazing my brows looked! I think this will be my new go-to application method.

I was so in love with my brows that I refused to wash my face for a few more hours... just wanting to soak in the fabulousness of it all lol... slightly corny, but I was enamored by them. I'm excited to see how this method looks completely blended and with the rest of my face done... but in all honesty, just having my brows, lip gloss, blush, and mascara could be a nice daytime look.

If you'd like to learn this technique check out Danyelle's video:


Shanika@LifeisPichey said...

Love the look! Lately I have been obsessing over makeup/beauty blogs. Especially ones that are by women of color. Mostly my complexion! Lol! Make sure to show us the dace completely made up!!

Niki McNeill said...

Wow! Your brows look awesome and her tutorial is great! What concealer did you use? Definitely want to try this as well!

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Shanika - I'm not one for heavy makeup, but I took some pics with my daytime face. I need to get the blog posted.

@ Niki - I used the same mac concealer she mentioned in her tutorial (different shade), only because that's already my concealer of choice that I have... but it was great realizing that I could get what I consider to be my "dream brows."

Danyelle said...

Hey girl! I was just stopping by, I've been on your blog before and I love it, lol. I was plesantly surprised to see you trying out the concealer on your brows, good first time! Th lining, blending and symmetry will get easier to do the more you practice. I'm excited to see some looks! xoxoxo

Aurélie Ariel said...

Love it, I'm gonna try it out, coincidentally enough, she uses all the exact same shades that I do so I will defiantely be using her as my make-up inspiration!

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