Jun 15, 2011

Reality Check: Braxton Family Values

As a result of my husband and I downsizing from 2 DVRs to just 1, I had to give up a few reality shows. Braxton Family Values was among the many shows that I big adieu to, however, I was recently able to catch a marathon and I'm kind of a fan.

Last night I watched the season 1 reunion and I can definitely say I'm looking forward to season 2. Even with her obnoxiously loud mouth and borderline ghetto personality, Tamar is the star of the show. I have a soft spot for the baby of the family. I love the family dynamic the show captures and feel like things are pretty authentic.

When I was watching the finale I mentioned to my husband that this show made me want sisters. He quickly asked why because all of the girls seemed "annoying" on the show. I had to remind him that he though I was annoying sometimes lol... women are just annoying - - can't get around it. We all have our moments. I have friends that feel like sisters, but this show makes me long for biological sisters. I wonder what my life would be like with a built-in friend. My mother comes from a super large family (15 kids) and has a grip of sisters so I can attest to the theatrics having a lot of people around can cause, still I can now blame this show (along with the Kardashians) for making me a tad bit jealous I don't have any sisters.

Who else watched this season? What did you like most?


Bajan Beauty said...

I have been watching on and off, I just love seeing big families interact with each other. It's just me my mom and brother so I always wondered what it would be like to have a sister too. And I love to see what each of the ladies are wearing, but Traci is my favorite by far...the quiet storm, lol.

South Loop Social Light said...

I only have a brother too, but I was able to experience some of the "big family" things through my parent's families... but it's much different when it's your own immediate family that's large.

I didn't realize that Traci was the 2nd oldest daughter behind Toni. She's a bit too quiet for me, but I think she adds to the family dynamic. I would probably want to hang out with Trina the most... but she has certain things that irk me lol... but I do like her. Actually I kinda like all of them lol... it's a fun show to watch.

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