Jun 10, 2011

Best Movie Ever...

One word: Bridesmaids!

I absolutely loathe when people hype a movie up and it seems to fall flat (i.e. Hangover I and II), but for once Bridesmaids lived up to all the hype. Icing on the cake? My husband loved it too! Ladies, this isn't just a "chick flick," but a refreshing comedy that you can see with your girlfriends or your man.

What I loved most about this movie was how realistic it was. Yes, things were exaggerated and over the top, but all within reason of being something that could just possibly happen.Unlike the Hangover II (which was ridiculously unrealistic-- we saw Thor the same day and I found that to be more believable), Bridesmaids is kinda like that one crazy story everyone has that seems like it'd never happen but actually did - - (I have a few of those lol) but seriously... I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard I was crying!

Without giving any spoilers, my favorite part had to be the airplane scene!! I'm such a neurotic basket case when it comes to flying that I was in tears watching the hilarity and chaos that ensued on their flight.

This is a MUST SEE movie!!

Sidebar: Can I just say how f'ing psyched I was to see a line-up of uber talented women with perfect comedic timing carrying an entire film!!! This seriously put me on a "girl's rock" type of high. This movie is SO funny... instantly in my top 5 funny movies.
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