Jun 9, 2011

National Marriage Day

Today is National Marriage Day and a time to celebrate the lovely spouse you call husband or wife. Taking the time to reflect on my almost 2 years of marriage, I started to think about the best advice I was given.

Learning to keep my friends and family out of my business has been crucial! Discretion and subtly was never my strong point, but my mother was sure to pass the importance of defined lines and privacy down to me - - (which is funny because she's super nosy lol...) but seriously, learning when to keep your disputes to yourself is a good great thing.

Just because your husband or wife did XYZ to piss you off and you feel like venting doesn't give you the right to start blasting your business to anyone that will listen.

Once you've had a chance to calm down, talk about things, and find yourself a-ok an hour later, you'll feel silly for flipping out so much (trust me, I've been there before lol...) I'm not saying to keep your feelings bottled up inside, but learning how to communicate effectively with your spouse will serve you better than running your mouth to your friends. At the end of the day, nobody can resolve your issues better than the person you have the issues with!

So, what is the best marital advice you can give, or have been given?

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