Jun 1, 2011

Natural Hair: Giving my Twists a Twist...

Last week I came across a post by Jamila of College Curlies describing the perfect 3 day method for getting her natural hair styles to last. Her day 1 look consisted of rocking her twists in a cute, pinned up style in the front with a hat and I was instantly obsessed.

Jamila of College Curlies
Throwing on a knit cap is my go-to for when I don't feel like taking my hair completely down, but it can be boring. Jamila added a creative twist on styling her twists by pinning the front up in a super cute way ---->

I was anxious to give this a try and didn't even bother fully styling my hair. I had an old twist-out that needed to be washed, but I grabbed a few of the front pieces and got to work following her method. The results weren't nearly as neat as her original style, but I got a similar look. I'm excited for how much nicer my results can be when I take the time to really style my hair. Sidebar: I love her black knit cap! Most of the knit hats I have are bright colors which can add a nice pop to an outfit, but I definitely want to add a black, knit hat like the one she's donning in the above pic to my collection.

For anyone interested in recreating this style - -a great option for around the house or running  out - - watch Jamila's video below.

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