Jun 2, 2011

Soaking up the Sun...

Yesterday it was 93 degrees, sunny, and blazing hot out. What better way to enjoy the heat than throwing on my suit and putting in some time by the pool!

It's easy to convince yourself that you need to do XYZ before you hit the beach/pool in your bikini but I decided that I'm going to embrace where my body is today. I've been working on cardio and have a ways to go before I feel like I'm back in my peak physical condition, but I refuse to allow my self-perceived flaws and shortcomings to keep me from enjoying life... especially the water! Sidebar: I'm obsessed with being in the water and would be happy doing most activities in the pool.

I always find it funny that women are so eager to get breast implants because the only DD+ breasts that are fun are fake, in my opinion. Big boobs are annoying, can kill your waistline in the wrong outfit, and make finding cute bras and bikini tops a pain in the butt. I've been obsessed with rocking a triangle top and was thrilled to find a super supportive one last year. This photo does it no justice, but I snagged this suit at Target last year (it's a Converse suit) and it has double straps! I always feel locked and loaded in tight when I wear it.

I've also had my eye on Fig Leaves for their amazing selection of DD+ suits. If you're a busty lady definitely check out their site. The options are diverse and the prices affordable.

Going into these summer months continue to work on whatever fitness goals you have, but don't forget to stop and enjoy where you are right now. Buy clothes that fit you right now instead of waiting for what size you may be in a few months. When you prepare to hit the beach, don't necessarily dress to HIDE your flaws, but find something you're comfortable in and embrace you! I don't want to sound like some motivational speaker, but I could make a long video speaking about all the reasons I didn't want to throw on a suit... just know that if you've ever felt nervous to don a 2-piece you aren't alone!!

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