Jun 21, 2011

What to do when your deodorant quits on you...

Today marks the first official day of summer and in South Carolina the humidity is intense!! I'd been a faithful Secret deodorant user for years, but recently felt like it was starting to fail me. I wouldn't even be engaging in strenuous activity, but it felt like my "Secret" was on the loose. There's nothing worse than feeling self-conscious about how you smell, and if anyone else can tell your pits are rebelling it's quite embarrassing.

My mother has sworn by Degree deodorant for years and she never smells bad lol... so I decided to make a switch and give the brand a try. It's been a few days and I can already see, and smell, the difference! Degree deodorant is amazeballs!!

My husband commented that I smelled like baby  powder and I realized it was my pits... I was in heaven! After a ton of activities my pits were smelling super sweet (and not ripe lol) so Degree has been a success so far.

I've heard of people changing their face/body wash or shampoo/conditioner up because it feels like their body got used to it, but it never dawned on me that the same good be true for something like deodorant. Have you had to change up your brand recently?

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