Jun 25, 2011

TGIFresh Friday

I'm on a much needed vacation in Chicago right now and it feels like my social life has been revived!!! Although I'm clearly over the "club" scene (I've been donating $ to the cause since I was 18 lol), it's always refreshing to get together with my girlfriends and have a night out.

I've heard great things about the TGIFresh Friday events and am looking forward to attending Summer Madness next week. Best part? Although an RSVP is required it's free before 1030p! I'm all about fun times on a budget... or better yet, fun times for free.

Sidebar: My birthday is Monday!!! Yay for turning 27... still sounds kinda weird to say that number out loud. Like, what in the hell is 27?? lol... but I'll be using this event which is a few days later as my semi-official b-day outing. If you want to come celebrate with me please click the flyer to send your rsvp. You'll receive an email confirmation with a TICKET that must be printed out... and it has your name on it too!! Very fancy and high tech lol... I love how they're cutting down on craziness at the door.

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