Mar 22, 2010

Weekend Meltdown

I used to be hooked on vaseline until one day I saw the light... and that light came in the form of Carol's Daughter Body Jelly. This jelly has single handedly replaced vaseline as my go-to moisturizer and I'm obsessed with it. While 1 jar can last for quite some time, I found myself running low and in need of restocking my supply. Since I'm in AZ again I had to do a search to see how many locations carried Carol's Daughter products (clearly AZ isn't catered to Black anything)... well, imagine my genuine shock and sadness to find that only 2 locations in the ENTIRE STATE sold Carol's Daugther (both Sephora stores) and 1 was in Tucson. My heart sank as I realized that only 1 freaking store in the Phoenix area had my precious jelly. I had never been to the mall where the the Sephora store was located because it was in BFE so I looked up the directions and headed...

Fast forward a while later and I had gotten lost (dumb directions) and had to have my husband look up online how to get there...once I actually found the store I wandered around looking for the CD products... and then there it was! Like the clouds parted and light shined down from heaven, I saw all the CD products sitting there. I scanned the shelves for my dear body jelly but could only find the tester. I started to panic. I found a sales associate and asked about the rest of their inventory. She told me, with a smile, that they were all sold out but suggested adding my name to the waiting list. Waiting list? I had to catch myself before I spazzed out... I drove around for 30 mins in the blaring sun to find something that wasn't even in stock!! *le sigh*

Once I got home I checked online only to see that they were sold out not only on but the Carol's Daughter website too! Talk about being devastated... I was entering a full blown breakdown. I guess it should've made me feel better to know I couldn't get it anywhere, but somewhere in my mind I blamed the wackness of AZ for this debacle. This would have NEVER happened @ any of the Chicago locations... Anyways, I currently hate AZ and the fact that I'm being reduced to buying my favorite products online. I'm on 2 "waiting lists" and you best believe that as soon as I get notified that my dream product is in I'm stocking up on it.

*** Update: I found a closer Sephora location that carries Carol's Daughter products, however they didn't have any of the body products - - just hair stuff... and the search continues***
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