Mar 30, 2010

N♥tural Hair: Fun with Clip Ins

I know the natural community is pretty divided in terms of those that like to straighten and those that are against using heat, etc. I'm not that militant or hard core about it. I like to straighten my hair when I get bored with the curls. I like curls when I get bored with the straight look. I have a whole rant on this but I'll save it for another time lol...

Since getting my Brazilian Blowout I've been having fun playing around with different looks but I was still on the fence about getting a sew-in. After talking to two of my girlfriends that adore their clip ins I decided to try something new and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Deciding to get the clip ins was a little nerve wrecking only because it's scary venturing out from your comfort zone and trying something new. The biggest thing pulling me towards getting the clip ins was the fact that I workout about 4 times a week and like, or better yet need to be able to wash my hair. Plus, I've never kept a weave in my hair for over a month. The clip ins were hands down a better investment.

I went to Sunny's Beauty Supply and looked at the Lord & Cliff 7pc Clip In Extensions. They run a little light in their colors so my usual 2 hair matched with their 1B. The clip ins come in 14 in and 18 in length and a "smooth & silky" texture.... basically your flat ironed hair. They were sold out of the 14 in length in my color so I, being the impatient person I am, bought the 18 in knowing good and well it was too long for my liking.

I was excited to get home and actually try out my clip ins. The sales associate in the store had given me a brief rundown on how to use the clip ins which was good, but I still wanted more help. The packaging doesn't break it down too much... and really, there isn't much to it but I found a few YouTube videos to be really helpful (they're below).

The 18 in was ridiculous long for me. I don't like long hair like that. I really wish they sold it in 10 in but you know, nobody would buy that but me lol... So, I got my scissors out and started chopping each track down to my desired length. I want to add that each track is a different length (trackwise, not actual hair length) and they're pretty logical to figure out so you can determine what style you want your hair to be (or feel free to leave it as is). Anyways, you get 7 pcs and that's more than enough to do a full head. I've found that I like wearing between 3 to 4 of the clips. The clip ins are 100% human hair and will last anywhere between 9-12 months. Prices range from $80 - $120.

Before - I wanted to add some length (about collarbone) and fullness

After - I only added about 3-4 inches of length but tons of thickness

My verdict: I'd recommend clip ins to anyone that desires more length or fullness to their hair. They're an affordable, smarter alternative to a traditional sew-in weave and still allow you to rock your curls when you like. Something that's really cool is that they offer custom clip ins so if you'd like to find some curly, wavy or other texture of hair and have it made into clip ins you can! Click here to learn more about that option. I'd love to find a kinky/curly texture that matches my twist-out or wash n go's so I could get some more fullness with my curls!

Has anyone else had an experience (good or bad) using clip ins?

These are the actual clips that I bought:

This was another great video showing how to put them in:

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