Mar 12, 2010

Living in the moment...

I was having a conversation with my mother the other day about what kind of car she wanted to buy once she completed her PhD next year. She said a Rolls Royce. I laughed... not because this was a stretch for her (she had a Rolls Royce when I was younger) but because this was my mom giving me one of her classic moments. She is the epitome of luxurious and bourgeoisie... yet down to earth and warm. It's a crazy mix... but she likes $ and she loves nice things. I told her that I thought getting a Rolls Royce was ridiculous and a waste of money. She then began to tell me how she was in the last hoorah of her life (she turns 56 this year) and while I had a lifetime ahead of me, in 20 yrs she'd be 100 (gross exaggeration) and she didn't have time to be frugal... but instead wanted to spend her time living! She said that people always try to hold back in life and wait for tomorrow to enjoy certain things but today is here so why not live. Now, this was a convincing argument but I still think a Rolls Royce is a ridiculous splurge. I joked that my step dad better be driving her around so she doesn't get jacked... lol

This did, however, make me think back to an episode of Oprah where she spoke about using the nice bath stuff she had bought and not waiting for another day. Kinda like how some folks used to buy nice furniture yet keep the plastic on. Like, why are you trying to preserve this stuff? I mean, for what? To enjoy it when? There's a fine line between living and splurging... being cheap and being smart with your money. Where do you stand?

I've worked fulltime since I was 19... and real jobs with real hours and been responsible for real bills. It's hard to be ridiculous when you know better at an early age. I used to dream about being hood rich but knew that shit was for the birds... yet, I still watched some folks around me live that life and wondered how they could do it in such a carefree way! I'm sorry but it rubs me the wrong way to forgo paying bills to buy this or that. It pains me to pay something the day it's due or late... I like to pay my bills early. I mean, you know in advance not just the day it's due.... I'm on a tangent... lol... but I do sometimes struggle with deciding between a purchase that's treating myself for working hard... or being ridiculous and getting caught up in the hype. How do you guys differentiate between living in the moment and enjoying life and being irresponsible? I'm curious... especially balancing all of that in this tough economic time.
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