Mar 29, 2010

Reality Check: Paranormal Court

"When people really come to a place where they know that a soul has truly left the body, and still exists and is communicating, it will change all sorrow into tremendous hope. It doesn't exist in my imagination. It isn't wishful thinking - - it is real... and that's a wonderful gift to give somebody." - Robert Hansen

Let me start off by saying that I am a believer in the spirit world. I believe in ghosts, energy, people passing on and crossing over... all that stuff. I'm also a fan of dramatic reality tv shows so you can imagine my excitement when TLC premiered "Paranormal Court" on Saturday night. It's like the Ghost Whisperer on crack!!! Truly my dream TV show.

The hour-long show follows psychic medium Robert Hansen as he helps families solve disputes via speaking to their loved ones that have crossed over. Despite having "court" in the show name, please don't get the visual of "People's Court" in your mind. The families meet with Hansen in his home and he has no prior knowledge of their cases. The first episode featured 3 cases and I must say their stories all tugged at my heart strings. I think I've found the perfect "ghost" show that I can watch without getting beyond paranoid (I wish I could still watch Psychic Kids but I was getting a little bugged out lol...)

Whether you believe in this stuff or not, this show is really entertaining. It airs Saturday nights on TLC so if you find yourself in on a Saturday night and looking for something new to watch, this should be on your radar.

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