Mar 23, 2010

Reality Check: Kendra

Sunday night the new season of Kendra premiered on E! Everyone knows Kendra as part of the original Girl's Next Door Trio (including Bridget and Holly) and watched her for numerous seasons during her stay at the Playboy Mansion. In season 2 of her show, the cameras continue to follow Kendra and her husband (NFL baller Hank Baskett) as they enjoy the birth of their son and life as newlyweds.

The first 2 episodes showed Kendra and Hank's search for a babysitter and quest to reignite their romantic flame with a date night. Another topic that was tackled was Kendra's insecurity with her post baby body. Running with a crew of playboy bunnies wasn't an issue for Kendra's size 23 pre baby body... but she found herself struggling to feel sexy and confident when 3 of her friends came into town to visit.

What I really liked about this storyline was how reassuring and loving Hank was. Never once did he make Kendra feel bad about her body (which some men can do) and I loved that. He was the constant supportive, loving, doting husband. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but it can wreak havoc on the female body. I think it's definitely a sacrifice to carry your baby and risk having all the "battle wounds" to prove it. Kendra wasn't scared to show her stretch marks or stomach that was leftover after having the baby and I found it refreshing. I mean, she JUST HAD A BABY!!! It took 9 months to put the weight on and it doesn't come off over night.

In the media we are always bombarded with ways to "lose the baby weight" in like a month and the pressure women can face is ridiculous. You want to get your body back in shape, not only for yourself, but you want your spouse to find you attractive again. Not that they don't (many men LOVE the pregnancy body) but as a woman you want to feel, as Kendra said, like you'd wanna "fuck yourself" lol... and it's true.

My question is for mothers out there, how did you handle (or how are you handling) your pregnancy body? What role did your spouse play in helping you thru the experience?

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