Mar 5, 2010

Reality Check

To say that I've been slacking on my blogging would be a gross understatement. I don't know why but I guess I've just been consumed in my life... but I'm always able to make time for my favorite reality shows. Last night was the finale of Real Housewives of Orange County. Here are my random thoughts...

1) Lynne and her husband need to get their parenting skills in order. Why are your teenage kids showing up to an event, with grown people, wasted off their asses? This is ridiculous... and is it just me or does Lynne constantly speak as if she's just popped 1 too many pills! Seriously... she's either in her own world or she's popping something extra. I could forgive the slurred words when she just had her face done... but it should be under control. Actually, I think she's still using something from that prescription. I mean, her life totally fell apart and her husband acts delusional and she's trying to be bff's with her daughters... *le sigh* That whole situation is out of control.

2) Gretchen and Slade... where to begin. Well, Slade has been running thru housewives but I hope what he and Gretchen have is genuine but I can't help but notice how Gretchen still rocks the engagement ring she got from Jeff. I'm not sure what the proper engagement ring etiquette is - - but I totally get wearing your ring while you're mourning the loss of your fiance after he passes... but when you're 8 months into your new relationship and seriously throwing around marriage?? I don't know... but I'd say take the ring off.

3) Tamra - Poor Tamra. Her husband is a control freak and poor Simon... his wife signed up for a reality show and a few years into it flipped the script on him. One thing I've learned is to keep your relationship between the two of you and not drag any and everyone with a willing ear into it. If you need to vent, do it with someone that is neutral and not biased. They're in the process of going thru their divorce now so maybe more will come out during the reunion show next week.

4) Alexis - I don't get Alexis. I don't really enjoy her story line and think she's getting thrown into the mix too late in the game. She's the new kid on the block and she comes into the show a few season down the road, toting her bibles and her boobs... and all her housekeepers. She's semi wack to me.

5) Vicki - I love Vicki. With all her "woo hoo's" and talk about work. I love that her marriage is back on track... that she has 2 well adjusted kids. I just like that she's on top of her shit. She's a solid person on my list and her vow renewal in Turks and Caicos was gorgeous.

So, who else was watching?
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