Mar 22, 2010

Natural Hair Meet-Up in Arizona

I'm on a quest to have a natural hair meet-up in Arizona. I've been fortunate enough to attend one while in Chicago, as well as having a number of natural friends... but in Arizona it feels like the black folks are so spread out! I need to think of ways to bring everyone together.

Any suggestions on how to get this done?


luvleelox said...

Have you checked out the Chandler group? I have yet to attend an event but the comments on the meetup site seem to be very positive. They have a couple of upcoming events scheduled…you can check them out at:

I am a 5-year AZ resident…natural head for like 15 years I think…I also have natural hair blog you are welcome to check out!

South Loop Social Light said...

Wow... thanks so much for passing along this information!! I had never heard of this so it's amazing that resources like this are out there.

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