Mar 17, 2010

Reality Check: The Price of Beauty

Monday night was the premiere episode of Jessica Simpson's "The Price of Beauty" on VH1. I've been a fan of Jessica since her newlywed days and always loved her bubbly and often ditsy personality. Equipped with best friends CaCee Cobb and hairstylist Ken Paves, Jessica first heads to Thailand in search of what the 'price of beauty is'.

In Bangkok Simpson and friends enjoy a Thai massage, time with Buddhist monks and meet with Sonia (host of Thailand's Next Top Model and their official beauty ambassador). She takes them for a tour around a popular market where they meet with Panya, a woman whose skin was destroyed by bleaching cream. In Bangkok lighter is better and many women go to extreme lengths to bleach their skin.

After their adventures in Bangkok, they headed to Chiang Rai Provence to visit the Karen Hill tribe. Known for the gold rings they wear around their neck, the Karen (pronounced kah-rin) Hill tribe believe an elongated neck is a sign of beauty and wealth, and will attract a better husband. The rings can weigh up to 20 lbs and the women never take them off. The rings did look very beautiful but there was something a little creepy about them having such elongated necks. I mean, I don't think I could wear that for the rest of my life.
Now, I don't think the show is that bad or corny... but I really don't see this being a "must see" thing. There are entirely TOO many things to watch on a Monday night (Gossip Girl, Kelly on Earth, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, etc) so this may be something to catch on a rerun.
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