Mar 9, 2010

Where to go for Brazilian Blowouts in Scottsdale/Phoenix Arizona

** Click here for post and pics of my 1st Brazilian Blowout at Apricot Lounge Salon **

** Click here for post and pics of my 2nd Brazilian Blowout at Apricot Lounge Salon **

After transitioning for 9 months (with the hopes of going a full year) I ended up doing a spur of the moment big chop with my husband in the bathroom last month. It was quite liberating and slightly scary to have my husband cut off my straight ends, but I loved the end result.

With a few trips planned for the next couple of months, I was debating between a sew-in or the Brazilian Blow Out. I’ve been hearing lots of women raving about their results from the Brazilian Blow Out treatment and couldn't help but become curious to learn more.

My girlfriend recommended her amazing stylist and owner of the Apricot Lounge Salon, Kimberly Allison, to me… and after a consultation I’ve decided to give it a try! I’m excited to not only have the process done, but be able to pick Kimberly’s brain as she’s worked with celebs like Keyshia Cole. My appt is for Thursday so I'm looking forward to being able to share my results with everyone!!

Below are a few before and after photos of Brazilian Blow Outs that Kimberly has done already. For more info visit their site or facebook page.

Apricot Lounge Salon 
7329 E Stetson Drive, 

Suite 24

Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

Phone: 480-947-3833 - tell them Ishea sent you!  

All photos belong to Apricot Lounge Salon

Curly hair before

Shiny, frizz free hair after... and her curl pattern isn't lost.

Natural Hair Before

After the treatment, the curl pattern is loosened for 10-12 weeks, but not permanently lost (like with a relaxer or texturizer... you'll get your curls back)

Hair can be blown out with just a round brush. No flat iron was used to style her hair. Hair is left shinier and healthier.

Relaxed hair before the Brazilian Blow Out

After - So much shine



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