Aug 29, 2011

200 sq ft Parisian Flat Remodel...

I've always dreamed of living in Paris and calling my very own Pied-à-terre home. This 200 sq ft Parisian flat remodel was recently featured on and as usual, I was amazed at the amount of space (or lack thereof) people can comfortably call home.

Parisian Flat Before...

Looking at all of these wonderful studios makes me question whether Americans truly are excessive, wasteful and less efficient? My husband and I just moved out of a 1000 sq ft apartment that we were more than comfortable in and the thought of downsizing was freaking me out... but if 2 people can share 400 sq ft and smaller without a problem should we all be thinking about making the most of our space instead of having a "bigger is better" attitude? Hmmm... thoughts?

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