Aug 16, 2011

Adventures on the Metra...

I've been back in Chicago for a little over a week now and as you can imagine, super busy with my new job and the move. The only time I really have to myself to decompress has been during my daily metra rides... oh yeah, I'm living in the 'burbs at the present moment and taking the metra for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!

I'll admit that I was super nervous to take the metra for the first time. I was clueless about the actual ticketing process, conductors, schedules, and lines - - it was all very overwhelming. Having grown up in the South Suburbs my husband used the metra quite often, so he was able to offer me some guidance. Lucky for me, the system is rather upfront and easy to understand and within a week I'm feeling like a commuting pro.

Some of the things I've learned during my brieft time on the metra:

1. Whatever time the schedule states is when the train LEAVES the station, not arrives. I'm not the most prompt person, but you only need to get played once missing your train to learn that early is always better.

2. "Ride Metra" is a great iPhone app. I use this every morning to check the times for my train. It also posts any updates/service announcements.

3. It's very safe - - Having come from the world of CTA busses and trains it's a wonderful feeling to sit on the train and not worry about getting my phone/purse jacked by some bad ass kid, or having bums beg for change.

4. There are still ghetto people on the metra, but they're ghetto professionals. They have ratchet conversations, but manage to use their 12 inch voice.

5. It's completely acceptable to do your makeup on the train. One morning all the women in my car were applying lip gloss, touching up foundation, or doing their hair lol. The train is on a tight schedule so instead of running late just opt to do a few things on there if you must.
On a personal note, I really do need to invest in a pair of commuter shoes. The idea of wearing gymshoes makes my soul cry out a bit, but my feet can't handle rocking stilettos on the train. Once the Fall hits it'll be better b/c I'll be living in boots, but for the meantime any suggestions on comfy shoes are appreciated. I'm 5 secs from throwing back on my crocs lol.

 A visual of my first week on the metra...

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