Aug 17, 2011

Anthropologie Statement Earrings...

Big thanks to Sophia at Kiffe Coco for her post on her fab Anthropologie earrings... because I never knew the retailer had such a nice selection! The prices are on the higher side, but the unique designs seem to have the quality and character I look for. I've only perused Anthropologie a handful of times, but I'll be sure to give their jewelry section a closer look.

Some of my favorite pieces....

Chiapas Earrings - $148.00

Equilibrium Play Hoops - $38.00

Grand Deco Earrings - $138.00

Jelly Bean Hoops - $34.00

Polygonal Earrings - $128.00

Speckled Rock Drops - $98.00

Sidebar: Did anyone watch the Basketball Wives reunion show and see Evelyn going off on Meeka about who was rocking their signature earrings first? Lol... absolutely hilarious.
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