Aug 22, 2011

5 Smart Studio Layouts

Find yourself on a studio budget with dreams of a well-planned out space? Apartment Therapy recently posted the 5 smartest studio layouts renters should look for, along with how to make these spaces work best for you. Since moving back to Chicago I've been bouncing around the idea of living in a studio - - ultimately sacrificing space for location. Seeing these various layouts and how they maximize the use of space is inspiring and helps lessen my anxiety about living in such a small space.

#1) Laura's Fresh Start StudioLaura's studio is a railroad-style apartment that she divides into a bedroom and living area using a curtain. The angled chair in the sitting room can move around, and a blue accent wall adds a touch of dramatic color. She keeps the space uncluttered by choosing just a few furnishings: a bed, dresser, chair, chaise lounge, side table, and a set of nesting tables.

#2) Lila's Live/Work StudioLila fits her home and office into a 240-square-foot space. The sleeper chair in the center of the room folds out into her bed. Behind that, a dining table and bookshelves create a small study. The desk is a very smart system, designed as a ledge that wraps around the corner of the room. A brown-and-green color scheme keeps things unified.


#3) Moo and Ju's Super Comfy: The bed is the central hangout spot in Moo and Ju's studio. During the day, it doubles as a sofa. Two armchairs face it, creating a conversation area. A small dining area separates the bed/living room from the kitchen. Vertical storage pieces flank either end of the main room. The symmetry and order of the arrangement anchors the playful prints and colors.

#4) Tony and Hilary's 3 in 1 Studio: In this apartment, a custom-made "pod" and loft bed defines the space. Inside and out, the pod contains shelving. Inside, there's an office and closet. Outside, it holds the media center, with the bed above. The rest of the space is arranged with storage flanking each side of the room, a sofa in the middle, and a couple of chairs for guests.

#5) Kevin's Triple ThreatKevin's studio separates the bedroom from the living area with a hanging "screen." The sofa folds out into a bed for guests, and a stool provides extra seating. Storage is built into the bed and the walls.

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