Aug 20, 2011

Clusterf*ck: Google+, bums, & hot coffee....

1. Earlier this week I had the chance to particiapte in a Google+ Hangout with fellow vlogger MsDanti and her friend Risse. It was pretty cool being able to video chat with one of my online friends, and I'd actually love to connect with more bloggers/vloggers this way. It took a few tweaks to get the plug-in downloaded and my camera working, but well worth the work.

2. The bums on Michigan Ave. are out of control - - particularly at 168 N. Michigan Ave. The building is undergoing renovations so the homeless population has set-up what looks like a day camp in front of the location. They have beds, chess sets, and of course cups to beg for change. I'm not anti-homeless people because life happens and everyone has a story, but I'd rather not step over them during my morning/afternoon commute. On a lighter note, I do think it's pretty cool to see some of the business men in suits playing quick chess matches w/ the homeless while waiting for their bus.

3. We all know coffee is hot, but have you ever wondered just HOW hot your cup of joe is? Well, after burning my tongue on my "wake me up in a cup" the other day I decided to put my googling skills to use. The average temp coffee is served at ranges betweeen 185 - 200 degrees!!! Yowzers... that's one hot ass cup of coffee. The Keurig in my office is set to 189 degrees and that really seems to hot... like hospital burn hot. The lowest it will let me set it to is 187 degrees, which is still hot... so tongues beware!!

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