Aug 26, 2011

Breast Reduction Surgery...

I've toyed around with the idea of getting a breast reduction for years... but imagine my surprise when after glancing at before and after pictures I realized, "Fuck, I really DO look like a before picture." My jaw was seriously dropped and my eyes started to water... is my body changing before my eyes? My boobs were always big... then somehow they became HUGE! Ginormo even...  but recently I've noticed a major change (which I blogged about) and I'm starting to become more self-aware, self-conscious, and slightly insecure about my large rack. My posture is affected, the straps digging into my skin cause headaches, and I'm tired of not being able to have clothes fit me properly. I guess you could say that I'm just over having a big, disproportionate chest and want to fix it asap.

 The catch? I'm not 16, 19, or even 24... I'm 27, nearly 2 years into my marriage, and almost certain that I'll have kids within the next 5 years. Breast reductions (which are usually accompanied with a lift) are not recommended for women that plan on nursing because the surgery can cause complications with the milk supply - - basically you don't have food for your kid. I'm not a parent, but it would do a huge psychological number on me not being able to connect with and nurture my child via breastfeeding. On top of that, doctors don't necessarily recommend reductions to women that plan on becoming pregnant because pregnancy changes your boobs and guess what... all that beautiful surgical work they do will change, even if slightly... and Lord knows once I get my dream rack I don't want to go back to the racks on racks (on racks...) that I have now.

Have any mothers had the breast reduction surgery and been able to breast feed without any problems? Did you experience issues with your newly constructed boobs post pregnancy? Has anyone else considered getting a breast reduction, but been nervous because they have yet to become a mother?
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