Aug 4, 2011

Natalie's Alcove Studio

Who says you can't live comfortably in under 300 square feet!

Natalie Moore's San Francisco apartment was recently featured on Apartment Therapy's House Tours section and I immediately fell in love. The 285 sq ft studio, which is a perfect blend of glamour and functionality, is exactly the type of studio I would envision myself living in.

My favorite parts of her space? The sofa (currently on sale @ Macy's) which is everything I want... right now lol... along with the alcove for the bed. Doesn't it look adorable? I need to find a place like this in Chicago asap...

For the full tour click here


Niki McNeill said...

I just moved into a 545 square foot studio & it's so fun putting everything together in my small space! I opted out of buying a sofa & have two tufted armchairs instead so that I can easily move them around. Good luck with your search in Chicago!! :-)

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Niki - Are you going to share the finished space on your blog?

Dr. Reginia said...

This space is 100% cute! My powder room is similar to hers and I thought that about changing my sink but I may put a skirt on it instead.

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