May 23, 2013

Leslie's 300 sq ft Chicago Dream (via @AptTherapy )

This is my 3rd time covering Apartment Therapy's Small Cool contest on my blog, and like always I'm seeing tons of beautifully quaint additions to the 2013 lineup!  Starting things off is Leslie from Chicago. She has a 300 sq foot apartment that would make most people sweat bullets at the thought of living in such a small space... but she managed to make it cozy and cute.

I'm completely smitten with the feminine elegance of her tufted headboard and nightstand, which is contrasted nicely with the warm nudes in her living area. I always get so inspired seeing how creative someone can be with their small space and after living in a 600 sq ft studio for a year, I can attest that it's not as easy as it may seem to decorate.

What do you think of Leslie's space? Vote for Leslie by clicking here.


Name: Leslie
Location: Chicago, IL
Size: 300 sq ft
Division: Teeny-Tiny

What I Love About My Small Home: 
I am consistently enchanted about the amount of natural sunlight I get in my space. And even though it is a relatively tiny space, it is perfectly sized for me. I love the older architecture of the building, especially the wainscoting detail and also the archways in the entrance and between my living room to work space area. 
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space: 
I feel like the biggest challenge for me was finding a balance between feeling homey without overcrowding, and choosing the right furniture pieces that wouldn't block my window and light, but give me much needed storage. How I went about solving this was pretty simple. I decided that I was going to throw out the idea of choosing elements because they fit a certain style or look and just focused on items that brought me joy to look at. This was key because by living in such a small space, nothing is out of sight.

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