May 2, 2013

Ke$ha's Reality Show on MTV

Yesterday I stumbled across a clip from a reality show singer Ke$ha has on MTV! To my surprise it was actually entertaining... and not just because I dig her music, but she's pretty down to Earth and relatable. All I really knew about her before the show was that she liked looking "dirty" and a while back her and T-Pain had that weird connection, otherwise Ke$ha was just another pop singer.

After 2 episodes, I know her brother is a film maker who set out to document her first headlining tour, her mom looks like a ball of fun, and she gets into the same crazy shenanigans on tour any of us would do in real life!

Check out the clip below to get a taste of what her show has to offer. It airs Tuesdays @ 11/10p CST on MTV. Set your DVR or catch up online.

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