May 7, 2013

Natural Hair Needs Moisture?

Quick Backstory: Yesterday my boyfriend was threatening (playfully) to post this picture of me on Facebook. Initially I was slightly freaked out... like damn, why can't you find a picture of me looking amazeballs and post that one lol... but then I realized that this is my real life and I didn't want to live in a perpetual state of fear (insert sarcasm here)... thus, I posted the pic myself on FB and Instagram. I'm not one of those bloggers that only posts pictures and videos with myself made up to a T. I don't always have my hair done or eyebrows filled in (though perfect brows would seriously be one of my 3 wishes lol). All of this is to say, it's okay to be social media vulnerable and post your own undone pics. Thwarted his little hater mission lol

Last night I felt the need to intervene on my curls and do a deep condition. Admittedly, deep conditioning is one of the things I rarely do for my hair and I don't know why... However, I realized the first step towards getting my hair back healthy required me to give it some TLC.

So, there I was in my shower... staring at products and full of deep conditioning dreams. I opted to use my Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep Conditioning Masque, and since I hadn't bought a plastic cap in at least a year, I decided to be resourceful and grab a Target bag to kick my treatment up a few notches.

I've seen mixed reviews on natural hair sites regarding the real effectiveness of using heat/plastic bags to deep condition hair, but this treatment suggested being left on for 10-20 mins (if not overnight). Thus, I opted to leave it in for an hour and pass the time watching the Bulls game (amazing Game 1 in the series against Miami) and forced my boyfriend to wonder why the hell I had a Target bag on my head lol.

Nevertheless, once I rinsed out the masque my strands felt pretty awesome... and I did myself one better by using Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In, sealing with Organic Jojoba Oil, and topping everything off with Ouidad's Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream. Yeah, it seems like a lot while I'm typing this lol... but I swear it's not. I did a few flat twists to allow my hair to air dry, and threw on a scarf. Voila - - my strands were insanely moisturized and back in action.

Sidebar: My head scarf is seriously the bane of my boyfriend's existence ! He stared me down for a good hour until I said fuck it and took it off lol... He demanded to know the benefits of wearing the scarf. I told him he'd have to buy me a silk pillow case if he wanted the scarf to leave. Does anyone else experience this?

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