May 20, 2013

1st Annual River North Craft Pub Crawl

Oh, how I so thoroughly enjoy hanging with my amigos! We hit the streets this weekend to partake in the1st Annual River North Craft Pub Crawl. This was my first time attending a pub crawl, so I didn't know what to expect... and it was rather adventurous for me since I'm not much of a beer drinker. The event lasted about 8 hours (though I only managed to hang in there for about 4 or so) and featured 10 River North Bars: American Junkie, Bull & Bear, English, Epic, John Barleycorn, Hubbard Inn, Mercer, Moe's Cantina, Public House and Rockit Bar & Grill.

So, what were my thoughts on the event? It was just okay. Granted, I had fun spending times with my friends, but each venue only featured 2 beers, none of which were particularly good.. though I've been told Craft Beers are an acquired taste, so it could be something that was too outside the box for my non-beer savvy taste buds to understand lol.

I thought it was a cool enough concept to get a "stamp" on your "passport" at each location, with attendees being eligible for a raffle at the end of the event for going to each location. This definitely made it a bit more interactive and encouraged attendees to go to each location, but I heard rumblings that there wasn't really going to be a raffle. (Insert -__- face). I'm all for advertising, but scheming and lying to get folks involved is not a good look. Again, this was just something I overheard attendees saying so I don't know if it was really true or not.

Would I attend a Pub Crawl again? Maybe. It'd depend on the featured venues and I'd definitely pre-game a bit earlier with my crew. It wasn't the worst experience, but I was happy I didn't pay full price ($20) for my ticket. Oh, and another tip... I'd be sure to bring CASH!!! It was annoying having to use my debit card at each location. My mistake tho... I never keep cash on me.

Here's a little video my friend shot during the day. Told y'all I had the mouth of a sailor lol... I can't even remember who I was referencing lol.

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