May 12, 2013

Losing Weight for my 30th Birthday

A few months ago I decided that I needed to get back on the fitness wagon, but this time not focus on trying to drop X amount of lbs or fit into Y outfit. I wanted to set realistic goals and create a lifestyle change. My good friend Sexy and the Chi told me that things get REAL after 30 and I better be at my ideal weight before I join the club.

I decided that I wanted to reach my target weight by my 29th birthday (next month) and maintain it for a full year leading up to my 30th birthday next year. I knew it wouldn't necessarily be "easy" to drop the extra weight, but I made a commitment to shed some lbs.

I started in December 2012 and as of my last weigh in a few weeks ago had dropped 11 lbs, 3% body fat, and regained my jaw line lol. Operation "save my face" has been a success thus far!

Some of the key elements I introduced to aid in my journey:

1) Personal Trainer
2) Heart Rate Monitor
3) My Fitness Pal app

I'll be doing a few blog posts and probably 1-2 YouTube videos detailing my progress and experiences thus far! Everyone wants to get on their "Kanye workout plan" for the summer, but what about having something well rounded for the entire year? I mean, Chicagoans especially tend to give ourselves a pass at gaining during the winter and then working like slaves to get ready for the few months we have to frolic during the summer. None of that equals a healthy lifestyle.

Have you introduced any new things into your diet/fitness routine?

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