May 10, 2013

#SummerofGatsbyChi hosted by @Afrobella & @mitzimoments

Tuesday night I had the pleasure of attending the Gatsby movie viewing hosted by Chicago blogger Afrobella and Jet Magazine's Mitzi Miller.

I remember reading The Great Gatsby back in high school and knew it was a "hit" in the literary world, but was admittedly a bit fuzzy on the details. The Jay-Z produced soundtrack initially peaked my curiosity (great marketing) and I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype... After seeing the movie in 3D at Icon I left with mixed feelings.

First can I just take a moment to appreciate the grown man sex appeal oozing out of Leonardo DiCaprio!! I feel like he grew up overnight and finally has some grown man weight and swagu drip dropping off of his life force essence. Ooo-wee!! That man is scrumptious.

As for his performance, I think he did a decent enough job, but overall the movie felt a bit flat. Instead of diving in deep, it seemed more like things were glossed over and more about capturing the glitz of the parties in 3D than putting forth a stellar performance.

Another disappointment was the soundtrack! Color me truly surprised, but I found the Jay-Z tracks more distracting and overall it felt like a huge disconnect. There were maybe 2 songs that fit, but for the most part I didn't like the music. I scrunched my face up multiple times.

This was a movie on my list of summer must-sees, and I feel fortunate to have been able to see if for free and in 3D... but my advice to others is that you could skip seeing it at Icon VIP and in 3D. It's not necessary. A solid movie, but hard to compete with other action packed movies coming out this month. I'm an action girl, so if left to pick and choose, this would be more of a chick-flick I'd see solo on a Monday night... not rushing to see this on the weekend.

My favorite part of the evening was socializing during the mixer after the movie, eating delightful snacks and running my mouth (per usual) lol.

So, are you planning on seeing Gatsby this weekend?

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