May 11, 2013

Poor Kim Kardashian

I know everyone is giving Kim Kardashian a hard time for basically rocking a couch to the Met Gala, but I woke up this morning feeling feisty and protective of her. Maybe it was the fact I ate popsicles until 3am and the sugar is affecting my brain, but something in my life force wanted to send out some love and support to Kimmie Cakes.

Fuck Anna Wintour! Seriously... Kim should adopt the attitude that she has not one entire fuck to give the American Vogue Editor-in-Chief. Wintour is a seemingly smug 63yo woman that lets her BFF Andre Leon Talley rock bath robes in public. I know Kardashian craves the spotlight and attention at desperate levels, but after being played like Boo Boo the Fool when Vogue cropped her out of the picture on their site (below), she should just give up her Wintour approved dreams of grandeur.

Another thing I feel like nobody wants to acknowledge is how much work it must take to stroke Kanye's ego. Just imagine waking up to the reality that you're carrying the spawn of Mr. West and the baby could be a bigger brat than he is! That's scary... I feel like Kim is constantly getting a bad wrap, but she let this man throw out all of her awesome clothes and proceed to dress her in black rags... and he never smiles or opens doors for her. It kinda sucks from the outside looking in and I do feel <--- this ---> bad for her.

Now, I'm sure Khloe and Kourtney are somewhere letting out a few laughs lol... but really they should intervene on their sister's life force and help her get the shit together.

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