Oct 10, 2012

Adventures on the CTA: Green Line Struggles

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover... case in point? This ratchet chick on the train. She was wearing some sort of Rocafella / House of Dereon jacket that smelled of fried chicken and starbursts, pushing a raggedy baby stroller, brown finger nails (no polish) and just oozing West Side. I tried to hold my *scrunch face* because it felt somewhat mean to judge her off of appearance, but seconds later she opened her mouth and confirmed all of my thoughts.

Chicago Transit Authority Washington and Wells Purple Line Stop
Waiting for the next CTA Adventure
Somewhere there is a man receiving a voice mail from an irate rat... she's going on and on about how he better call her back or she'll show up at his house. How her mother and him conspired to get her baby brother locked up and she's not playing with his ass. Real talk.

Oh, the struggles of the West Side Rat. I've never understood people that spazz out via phone... while on public transportation during the early morning rush. It's tragic and embarrassing. I shouldn't carry the weight of the Chicago Rat on my South Loop shoulders, but as a black woman I still get embarrassed when non-black people see black folks doing ratchet things. Am I alone in this struggle? I just want us to do better as a collective whole.
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