Oct 15, 2012

Natural Hair Rant: When to take your head wrap OFF!

I stumbled upon this pic of India Arie walking the red carpet of Black Girls Rock and it infuriated me. Yes, my life force was hit with a swift 1-2, and I felt super annoyed. Maybe I'm in an irritated mood, but damn... if you won't take your head wrap off to walk a red carpet, WHEN IN THE HELL WILL YOU? 

I totally understand running some errands or waiting for your hair to "set" while you're doing mundane things, but if you're going to a real event, doesn't that warrant ditching the wrap and showcasing your hair! What in THEE fuck. Who told her this was acceptable? This is a freaking red carpet.

If she was doing something daytime casual and rocking jeans and a cute tee, just maybe she could get away with not doing her hair... but she's wearing heels and a cocktail dress! Come on.... do better.

This also makes me think of people in general that wear their hair covered up in scarves, wraps, or God forbid that black satin bonnet in public at inappropriate times. For the love of God... just take it off and wear your hair out! Am I alone in my annoyance? lol...

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