Oct 10, 2012

Cuffing Season Update: Time is Ticking

Hola Chicagoans...

Cuffing Season Shopping Trip to Levi's
Cuff Season Shopping Trip
It's freaking cold outside and it's safe to say Cuffing Season is in full swing. This year has really flown by, so it's hard to believe we're in the midst of another Cuff Season, but whether you like it or not, snow will be here soon enough... so what's your current Cuff Status?

I'm currently invading the same life force, but have seen some great power cuff moves being played around me. For the most part my close friends are being about that Cuff Season life and have found quality boos for the season (... maybe more!), so I'm more worried about YOU, the people. Are you still auditioning folks? Try-outs over and you're narrowing it down to the final 1? (or two/three for you players... though that shit is exhausting).

Putting a spin on what can become a very routine thing, I've taken my Cuff Season antics to the streets. The weather is cold, but still enjoyable (no snow, arctic freeze lol) so the boo and I enjoyed a day of shopping (where I snagged these awesome Levi's Demi Curve ID Jeans) and brunch at Waffles.
Cuffing Season Brunch Run
Waffles Brunch: Chicken & Waffles, Steak & Eggs
I'm all about brunch in the South Loop. Nothing beats waking up and being in walking distance of amazing food options. Plus you get to support local businesses. So far, Waffles is still one of my preferred spots, Tapas Valencia has great Sunday drinks specials, Eleven City Diner lures me in with their Bloody Marys, and Yolk is an oldie but goodie.

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