Oct 22, 2012

Corporate Woes (Video)

Yet another installment of my daily YouTube vlog series...

As a member of corporate America I know how to play the game, fall in line, and stand my ground. When it comes to lunch meetings I'm usually on board and don't mind my company stuffing my face for free 99... however - - when this is intended to replace my actual lunch hour that's when I have to put my foot down and disagree.

Maybe the issue is calling our lunch hour a "lunch hour." I'm down for calling it an hour to do whatever the fuck I like. I work extremely hard and like to use my lunch hour as an opportunity to decompress, get away from my desk, get some fresh air, eat, run errands... whatever it is that I choose to do with it. It's an extremely small fraction of time to have to myself.

So, for all of my corporate folks out there, how do you handle lunch meetings that cut into typical lunch hour times - - noon to 2p? Do you still take your lunch after the meeting? Go before? Suck it up and take a longer lunch on another day? I'm curious to see what corporate protocol calls for... and if anyone is in HR please feel free to give me some insight.


WindyCityAccountant said...

I've been lucky enough so far to not have meetings scheduled during lunch hours...it's always before or after. Knowing me, I would still take my usual lunch before the meeting. Meeting = work hours, not lunch, no matter what time it is in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I definitely take my lunch in addition to scheduled lunch meetings.

A girl needs time to herself...away from the colleagues. Agree with you 100%

ShellyShell said...

I work for a big investment bank and people are constantly planning lunch meetings. If it ends at 2 by 2:30 I'm out the door doing what I WANT to do.

If I didn't go outside or run to the gym I'm pretty sure I'd catch a charge!

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