Oct 11, 2012

Adventures on the CTA: The #29 bus is basically the Red Line

Taking the Red Line makes me feel gross, in general. I try to avoid the train at all costs and honestly only need to hop on it when I'm going to see K Dot. Other than that, the Red Line and I are not friends. There are a few ways I can navigate the city streets to get home... and when I want to avoid the Michigan Ave. traffic I typically take the #29 or #62 buses. Well, let me be the first to say, the #29 is basically the bus equivalent of the Red Line train. Me no likey. My life force is constantly being subjected to ratchet shenanigans and interesting things.

A few weeks ago I witnessed this lady on the bus subjecting everyone to a never-ending monologue about how the government had taken away her bi-racial grandchildren... and as proof she was pushing around an empty stroller! *pause* I wish I was bold enough to hold the camera directly in her face and film, but I'm not that intense... so treat this video as mainly audio, but you'll see I'm focused on her stroller.

Oh yeah, to make matters even more interesting, the lady only had like 3 teeth! *Le Sigh* Yes, 3... and none of them were touching. On top of that, another lady got on the bus and started co-signing the crazy, getting her really amped up. It was pretty funny and I couldn't get a straight face.

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