Oct 9, 2012

@LEVIS Curve ID Jeans to the Rescue

Shopping for jeans is always a pain in the ass. I'm short (5'2"), curvy (size 10/12), and seem to be on a never ending quest to find a flattering pair of jeans. Not just flattering, but quality jeans that don't break the bank or bust it all the way open lol.

This past weekend I was walking around the city enjoying a beautiful Fall day, you know... taking my usual cuffing activities outdoors when the boo and I decided to check out the Levi's store. I had heard consistently positive reviews on the quality of their denim and the Curve ID line.

Glancing down at my Forever21 Skinny Jeans I was just a tad bit embarrassed. It was clear the $10.80 jeans had long overstayed their welcome. They were stretched out in the knees (strange) and looking faded. Yes, the jeans had been a decent purchase. I mean, being able to wear such cheap jeans for nearly a year is pretty awesome, but I came to the realization that I can't have fashion struggles this close to 30.

I entered the Levi's store on Michigan Ave. with an open mind and patience... I knew it would take a little time to get measured, try different fits, and see what worked the best for my body. After 90 mins and a ton of help from sales associate Juliet, I emerged from the store with 2 pairs in hand and a big smile.

Levi's Demi Curve Skinny Jeans 
I measured on the cusp of 2 curves: Demi and Bold. I tried both styles on and ended up picking the Demi curve as it fit a tad bit more comfortable on my hips/waist. I opted for 2 pairs of Demi Curve Modern Rise Skinny leg jeans in dark denim. I also loved the 30" inseam option - - perfect for shorter ladies.

The jeans retail for $78 (not much more than the $69.50 I would pay at The Gap), but Levi's had a great 30% off sale going on... might still have it... so I walked out of there with 2 exquisitely fitting jeans for just over $100. If you're still searching for a nice pair of jeans I suggest going in a store and getting fitted. You'll be happy.

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