Oct 15, 2012

@WhippedProducts "Cocoa Mama Butter" Review

So, my girlfriend was raving about the Whipped product line for a while, but I was hesitant to try. Not that I didn't trust her word of mouth, but I'm quite impatient and ordering something online is just overall annoying to me. I'm a Cancerian and pretty moody lol... so you know, sometimes I'm all about that online ordering life. Other times I could give a rat's ass and would rather drive to Target lol. These are my struggles.

After being unhappy with Carol's Daughter Body Jelly (it's NOT the same), I decided to give the Whipped line a try. I liked that the site offered a variety of products and sizes to try.  I'm a huge fan of cocoa butter and ended up ordering the "Cocoa Mama Butter" in 16 oz. I've been using the product for a few weeks now and am a fan. My skin is uber moisturized and soft. At night I like to use the butter on my lips and get this, when I wake up hours later my lips are STILL moisturized. This is amazing, especially for the winter.

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From the site:

Whipped is a premier line of luxury body, hair, facial & scalp butters and cremes designed to moisturize & condition even the driest situations. Each product is made from organic, raw & unrefined materials whipped together to form customized soufflés for every skin or hair care need.

All products are made from just a few ingredients that are familiar to all. no scary chemicals or components that you'd need to be a scientist to read, everything on here is minimalistic and safe for sensitive skin.

Each item is made to order by hand especially for you. as a result some items may appear slightly different from what is pictured but the recipe & quality will always be exactly the same.

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