Oct 14, 2011

Season 2: AMC's "The Walking Dead"

Last year, AMC's hit show The Walking Dead quickly became a favorite for my husband and I to watch. It had enough suspense and drama to keep both of us entertained, with the violence and gore he loved, and heart-warming relationships that hit the spot for me. I just saw the official trailer for Season 2, and I'm SO freaking excited it premieres Sunday night @ 9/8c! Seriously, if you haven't watched this show you're definitely missing out! The writing is so well done, sucking you in and bringing you to the edge of your seat, while the ensemble cast does a remarkable job giving life and dimension to the characters.

Set your DVR to record the Season 2 Premiere Sunday Night (9/8c on AMC), and in the meantime get your zombie fix by checking out the trailer below.

Sidebar: I've always been one to OD on reality shows, but I've been enjoying all of the scripted series in my life! It's actually refreshing...

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