Oct 9, 2011

Natural Hair: Time for a trim

Last weekend it dawned on me that I had not trimmed my ends in 8 months and that was causing major breakage, splits, and shedding. The amount of shedding was actually out of control, but because I was wearing my hair curly 95% of the time, it really "hid" the damage, thus making me feel perfectly fine that I hadn't trimmed my ends. Still, with the weather cooling off I knew I would want to go straight more often and I felt as though my ratchet ends would be a big mess.

I headed over to Toss Hair Salon to see Cori, the same (and only) stylist that trimmed my ends during my transition (2009). I actually only got my ends trimmed once during my transition before I did my big chop back in 2010, and Cori was great back then... and still great today!

I made an appointment for a walk-in and got my hair trimmed wet! Yes, I trimmed my hair wet and curly for the FIRST time ever. *le sigh* The cut was much needed and I have mixed feelings (even still) having any issues with it because the cut itself was fine. I think I wasn't prepared for how much length I needed to lose - - about 1.5 inches curly, so about 3 inches straight. In fact, my curls look a million times better after the cut and I have NO straight pieces anywhere in sight.

Before Trim
After Trim
I still have a similar shape to my hair, but it's back to that annoying, weird length. I think the most dramatic thing is that my front pieces always hung looser and longer, and now they're the shortest parts! Wowzers... I'm just not used to seeing those sections short. Comparing the above pics it probably seems like I'm on crack because they're not that different, but I assure you, I can tell the difference. Now, I can't put my hair into a bun because it's not long enough for all pieces to reach. nor is it long enough to throw in a low pony-tail because the front can't reach - - annoying ass length!

When I have it blown out it's the perfect length... but once the curls pop I'm doing multiple internal cringes and woo-sahs. It's like mid-neck length and kinda irking my nerves. Like, irking me to the point I want to get a Brazilian Blowout and go straight for a while. I don't like myself with short(er) hair. I like short, curly hair on me even less. Plus with the straight(er) ends gone my hair is shrinking up even more. I can say that whenever I stretch my curls I'm perfectly happy, but my hair had finally reached the length where I didn't HAVE to stretch the curls. Okay, okay... I'm ranting.

Long story short, I like my cut but am adjusting to the shorter length. I think I've learned from all of this that I need to be more diligent about trimming my ends more often... not just twice a year. I think I'll step it up to trim at least 4 times a year... so every 3 months. And I'm ONLY GETTING MY ENDS TRIMMED STRAIGHT!!! No more experimenting with curly hair. I want to be sure that I'm only losing 1/4 inch at most... and trims only, no CUTS!

On another note, I was feeling pretty "blah" about my new length so I went in for some color yesterday!!! This was my first time getting professional color done so it was pretty exciting. On top of that I dramatically changed my dark brown color... well, at least dramatic for me lol... but am loving my new color/highlights more and more.

Here's a preview ---->


Love & Tangles said...

I found your blog through the Young Suburban Mom's blog. Your hair is beautiful....now following.


bluej said...

I know this may not bring you much consolation, but I like your after picture. I think your hair looks nice and full. I bet before you know it, you'll be able to pull it back in a pony or bun...and it'll be minus the damage!

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Love/Tangles - Thanks for joining me on my blogging journey :)

@ bluej - I'm no longer spazzing out... well, not as much lol. I needed the trim, so you know... it always sucks to lose any length, but what is length that's damaged. My hair is the same shape as before, just a bit shorter... the beautiful thing about hair that I've been reminding myself lately - - it grows! lol... I can put it back in a low pony tail and just use bobby pins to lay the front pieces down that don't reach. I'm happy to report that I can also make a high bun sans the bobby pins, but it's a little too ratchet looking to wear in public lol... only workouts on if I'm being lazy around the house.

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