Oct 17, 2011

Natural Hair: Color Me Happy

After getting my ends trimmed a few weeks ago, I was obviously going through a little "thang" regarding the shorter length. Hoping to change things up a bit, I scheduled another appoint with Cori at Justin's Salon Studio to get my hair colored. I brought in a few inspiration pics and went over different tones/shades that I was interested in. I ended up wanting to stay in the brown family, but was open to getting highlights, playing around with a honey/golden brown shade.

I had colored my hair a few times in the past... more like hair coloring disasters!! Suffice it to say that I learned my lesson - - when wanting to go lighter leave it to the pros.This was my first time getting professional color and overall I was extremely pleased. 

The Specifics...
1. From start to finish it took about 3 hours - - that includes color and getting my hair blown out/flat ironed.
2. The price was $115 (not including tip) for my custom color.

** I am only recommending Cori as I'm familiar with her level of service and skill. She has colored, natural hair herself and is the only stylist I trust to color my hair. If you want to schedule an appointment or consultation with Cori click here. **

Getting my color and highlights

Finished color job - - blown out in the natural light

Back to my curls

I've had my color for going on 2 weeks and I'm still a happy camper. I have noticed that my hair is softer, not necessarily more fragile, but the color did soften my hair a bit. Cori did warn me that this could happen, but I'm not sure if this will be a permanent thing or just temporary. I read online that a few people noticed a change in their texture for the fist 2 weeks. I'll have to follow-up on this next week.

In terms of my hair being dryer, it really isn't much different. A small portion of hair in the back of my head was left my natural color, so this has helped to compare texture changes and any dryness issues. I think the biggest different is that my lighter hair looks dryer than it is. Something about a darker color really does make the hair look healthier, so I've noticed that my problem areas (front frizzy sections) look even MORE ratchet if I don't properly prep them. Color really does highlight your curls and make them look great, but if you're lazy, darker hair will mask a lot of issues.

I'm still itching to get another Brazilian Blowout, and they actually just came out with a Zero product that releases NO formaldehyde before, during, or after the process... kind of excited to see if my salon in Arizona starts carrying this new one - - not that I had any issues with the original formula.

I think embracing my natural texture has been wonderful, and more than anything just proving to myself that I could care for and grow my natural hair on my own has done wonders... but hair is supposed to be fun, so I think I'll continue to experiment with different products, treatments, colors, and weaves to keep my approach to hair light-hearted and fun.

Sidebar: Does anyone know of a good great styler? I'm on the hunt for something creamy and awesome to help hydrate my curls. I unknowingly tried the baggy method a few days ago, as well as doing a castor/coconut oil pre-poo... but I need a styler to layer on top of my knot today!

Any questions about my coloring experience? Feel free to ask... I'll be documenting how things go.

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