Oct 21, 2011

Next up to review: Curlformers, Mizani True Textures

Earlier this week I received one of my favorite things - - a brown box from NaturallyCurly.com!! I'm always excited to get products to review and in the coming weeks I'll be taking a look at Curlformers, along with additional products from the Mizani True Textures line.

Although I previously reviewed the Mizani True Textures line, I had not tried all of the products the line offered. This time around NaturallyCurly.com sent me the "Perfect Curl Defining Cream Gel" and after using it for a few days I'm shockingly a fan! Seriously... I was blown away that I liked this product. My initial review of the Mizani True Textures line was luke warm, at best... so I definitely was skeptical that I would think any different about the "Perfect Curl Defining Cream Gel." I had just blogged about searching for the perfect styler and this product may have answered those prayers.

As for the curlformers - - it was a daunting 1 hr 15 min process to get them all in my head lol... but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I'll be filming a video review giving my full opinion, along with some tips and tricks I figured out while using them. I felt like some sort of space alien at the end of the night when I was about to go to sleep (see right --->) but they were a million times better to sleep in than flexirods!!!



C-Nice said...

The results look fantastic. How many did you use?

Bajan Beauty said...

Love the results, soooo pretty and your new hair color is amazing. Do they make these in smaller sizes, for TWAs?

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