Oct 24, 2011

Lauren's San Fran Studio

Once again I'm on a studio apartment kick...

I came across Lauren's San Fransico studio on Apartment Therapy and loved her use of space, color, and overall lived-in feel. The light coming from her windows is amazing, and goes to show the importance of having a well-lit space, regardless of its size. I'm on the apartment hunt and not sure if my husband would strangle me at the prospect of living in a studio lol... (location, location, location!!!), but I'm continuing to find inspiration for small spaces and how to make them work.




Name: Lauren
Location: San Francisco, California

I moved into my quintessential San Francisco 500 sq ft studio just four months ago. After a few years of bouncing around living with roommates, I was excited to have my own place.

I have always had a passion for history and I believe that comes through in the decor of my apartment. I try to mix a variety of flea market finds with big box furniture. I like when items have character. For example, I purchased the trunk in the middle of the "living room" from the flea market. It has the original owner's name painted on top and traveling stickers attached to the side. I can only imagine what travels this trunk went on before making it to my living room. I almost couldn't fit it into my VW Beetle to take it home but happily I finally squeezed it in the front seat.

Most of my influence comes from turn of the century to the 20s when my apartment was built. If I had to pick one designer who I admire it would be Windsor Smith because she creates colorful and intricate but livable spaces (and she plays with graphic black and white patters which I love).

Check out more of Lauren's style: Live. Happy. Inspired.

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